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White Sands by Geoff Dyer

From one of Britain's most original writers, White Sands is a creative exploration of why we travel. In his trademark style he blends travel writing, essay, criticism and fiction with a smart and cantankerous wit that is unmatched. This is a book for armchair travellers and procrastinating philosophers everywhere.


The Movie Doctors

Whatever your ailment, the nation's best-loved film experts have the perfect cinematic prescription for you, whether it's a course of the Coens or a dose of 
Die Hard. And they're ready to cure the movies to, taking their scalpels to bloated blockbusters and warning of the ill effects of overpraise. 

What do the doctors prescribe? See you for yourself...


Beatlebone by Kevin Barry – read an extract

The tale of a wild journey into the world and a wild journey within, Beatlebone is a mystery box of a novel. It's a portrait of an artist at a time of creative strife. It is most of all a sad and beautiful comedy from one of the most gifted stylists now at work.


The Lost Time Accidents

A bold and epic saga set against the greatest upheavals of the twentieth century.

Haunted by a failed love affair and the darkest of family secrets, Waldemar 'Waldy' Tolliver wakes one morning to discover that he has been exiled from the flow of time. The world continues to turn, and Waldy is desperate to find his way back.


Fear of Dying by Erica Jong

'I loved Fear of Dying. I found it irreverent, funny, tender and very wise and it made me feel more alive' Rachel Joyce, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

When Vanessa Wonderman signs up to a casual encounters site, she's thinking of leaving her wifelife behind - at least for a little bit. However, the most painful parts of your past always have away of surprising you. Will she learn in time how to live, how to love, how to be fearless?



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The Bones of Grace

The Bones of Grace


'Anam has a knack for making you care so desperately for her characters that you admire their failings as much as their strengths', Daily Mail. Read an extract.

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Mind Over Money by Claudia Hammond

Mind Over Money


Mind Over Money will change the way you view the cash in your wallet and the figures in your bank account forever – listen to an extract.

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Join Karl Pilkington as he returns to life on the road in a desperate search for answers to life's biggest questions in his hilarious, unmissable new book


The Lost Time Accidents

'John Wray gets his Calvino on, his Mitchell on, his Murakami on, and even his Joyce on in this spectacular rattlebag of a novel', Colum McCann


The Movie Doctors

Whatever your ailment, Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode have the perfect cinematic prescription for you, whether it's a course of the Coens or a dose of Die Hard