A Poke in the Eye (With a Sharp Stick)

A Poke in the Eye (With a Sharp Stick)

AUTHOR: Amnesty International
PUBLISHED: 4th October 2012
ISBN: 9780857867346

Back in the day, if you wanted to raise money you stood on street corner with a tin and a smile. That is until Mr John Cleese rounded up a few friends in 1976 for Amnesty International's first fundraising show, 'A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)'. Since then, Amnesty has produced a dozen Secret Policeman shows, which culminated this year with a breath-taking line-up at New York's Radio City Hall.

This beautifully designed anniversary anthology brings together the greatest acts from the twelve shows: scripts of the Dead Parrot Sketch; lyrics to Michael Palin's 'I'm a Lumberjack'; Peter Cook's peerless E.L. Wisty monologues; Rowan Atkinson's school-master's roll-call and on through to the latest generation led by Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Frank Skinner, Alan Carr and Russell Brand.

These celebrated comedy routines are accompanied by beautiful photography, specially commissioned introductions and insightful interviews from the stars involved. It is a fitting tribute to a remarkable comedy institution.
''Slick, well-scripted and savvy . . . freewheeling, contagious and delightful'', Guardian, on the Secret Policeman?s Ball 2012
'A sketch about a dead parrot - the opening act on that night at Her Majesty's Theatre 36 years ago - set in motion the now fully ingrained idea of artists lending their high profiles to good causes. Without the Secret Policeman's Ball there may never have been a Comic Relief or a Live Aid. Since then, the poster bills for the regular benefits have featured a who's who of comedy talent . . . Who better to stand up for freedom of speech than those who have made being outspoken an artform?', Telegraph, on the Secret Policeman?s Ball 2012

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