Animals Paperback

AUTHOR: Emma Jane Unsworth
PUBLISHED: 4th June 2015
ISBN: 9781782112136

Regular Price: £8.99

Special Price: £7.19

Winner of the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2015

'There's no ceremony for friendship, is there? If you go ahead with this wedding then you realise that what you're actually saying is that your friendship with me is not meaningful and durable. That,' she sipped her wine victoriously, 'is the logical conclusion.'

'Believe me, if I could marry you too, Tyler, I would.'

Laura and Tyler are best friends and drinking buddies. But things are set to change. Can their friendship survive? Or will growing up mean growing apart?
'I wish I had written this book . . . <I>Withnail</I> with girls', CAITLIN MORAN
'Savagely funny, clever and wise. If it's not an instant cult classic I'm leaving the cult', NATHAN FILER
'Hilarious, moving and poetic', Glamour
'Animals is a riot. A kind of drunker, swearier <i>Girls</i>. I loved it', MATT HAIG
'[A] wham-bam, helter-skelter account of female friendship, featuring two women in their early thirties whose voracious appetite for wine makes Dionysus look like a lightweight', Independent

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