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A.S. Byatt is the author of fifteen works of fiction including the Booker Prize-winning Possession, The Biographer's Tale and, most recently, the Man Booker-shortlisted The Children's Book. A distinguished critic as well as a writer of fiction, A.S. Byatt was appointed CBE in 1990 and DBE in 1999.

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    A.S. BYATT

    Visit A.S. Byatt's own website for more information on her life and her books.

  • Inspired art

    A.S. BYATT

    Artist Jack Milroy collaborated with A.S. Byatt to produce Into the Dark Wood.

  • Ragarok review

    A.S. BYATT

    'When we have artists like this, who needs gods?'

  • The End of the Gods

    A.S. BYATT

    For the latest in the Canongate Myth series, Booker prize-winning author A.S. Byatt re-tells the old Nordic myth of Ragnarok.

  • The Canongate Myth Series


    A bold re-telling of legendary tales by the world's finest contemporary writers.

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