Steven Hall

Steven Hall


Steven Hall was born in 1975. After completing a fine arts degree, he became one of the founding members of Manchester's Wet Nana and has produced a number of plays, music videos, conceptual art pieces and short stories. He lives in Hull.

  • Ludovican Art

    Steven Hall

    Amazing Ludovican 'conceptual shark' image by Matthew K. Grundy.

  • Raw Shark Tattoos

    Steven Hall

    The Ludovican gets under your skin with these Raw Shark tattoos from fans of the book.

  • Fearful Symmetry

    Steven Hall

    A short and very good essay on symmetry in The Raw Shark Texts, on Steven Hall's website.

  • It's a word game

    Steven Hall

    Unlock and download the hidden prologue to The Raw Shark Texts.

  • Join the Raw Shark Groupies

    Steven Hall

    Tumblr's fan page - 'for all your Raw Shark needs and them some.'

  • A Squidoo essay on The Raw Shark Texts

    Steven Hall

    'An unputdownable psychological thriller about loss and the nature of identity.'

  • The Raw Shark Texts


    Tilda Swinton reads gripping passages from this cult psychological thriller.

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    Curious as to the reading lists of these future international literary stars, we reached out to ask them to tell us about their favorite writers

  • Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists


    Penguin-style biographies for the twenty listed writers with essays, reviews and free fiction.

  • Radio 3's cabaret of the word


    This week The Verb is in an experimental mood with guests Sheila Heti, Philip Davenport, Steven Hall and Serafina Steer.

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  • The Raw Shark Texts

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