T.C. Campbell and Reg McKay


The youngest of eight surviving children of ten, T.C. Campbell grew up in the rat-infested slums of Glasgow before progressing through the city's ganglands in his teenage and adult years. Wrongly imprisoned in 1984 for the horrendous Doyle family fire murders, Campbell has remained in the Scottish prison system ever since, fighting against the injustice of his incarceration and the corrupt system which condemns him. For twenty years a social worker in the schemes of Glasgow, Reg McKay woke up in 1998 surrounded by grey-faced men in grey suits. He walked away to write. An investigative journalist, McKay is also the author of two earlier books, None So Pretty: The Sexing of Rebecca Pine and The Ferris Conspiracy, co-written with Paul Ferris. Reg McKay prefers his present company.

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