Tom Wright

Tom Wright


Tom Wright lives in Texarkana and is a practicing clinical psychotherapist. Blackbird is his second novel. His first novel, What Dies in Summer, also published by Canongate, was shortlisted for the CWA New Blood Dagger in 2012.

Born and raised in Texas, Tom completed his a degree in English Literature at the University of Alaska, however Tom was lured away from the English Department and over to Arts & Sciences by Dr. Mitch Berkun, a brilliant experimental psychologist who became his mentor in psychology and, taught Tom the rudiments of orderly thinking and clear technical writing. However, he continued to enroll in the university creative writers’ workshop every semester, considering it not only a critical aspect of the process of growing into a fiction writer but of his education as a whole.

Since leaving university, Tom Wright has worked as a child protective services investigator, wildlife enforcement officer, drug treatment center director and classroom literature instructor. But his main career is running a private practice of general clinical psychology since earning his doctorate with concentrations in psychology and marriage and family therapy.

Tom’s practise, Associated Family Therapists, focuses on individual/family care, including hypnotherapy for victims of childhood sexual and physical abuse; Identification and treatment planning for learning disorders; and differential diagnosis and treatment planning for the various types of dementia. Tom Wright also offers therapy to fellow professionals including psychologists, physicians, clergy, etc.

When he’s not in a courtroom expert witness box, working at the clinic with patients or out hunting and photographing nature, Tom Wright is either writing his next novel, painting or drawing a favourite subject or in his workshop creating the next piece of sculpture.

If he could reinvent his job he would like to teach and do more face-to-face clinical work and less consulting, especially in criminal cases.

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