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The Rights Team

Andrea_JoyceAndrea Joyce, Rights Director

US, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Scandinavia and film


Jessica_NealeJessica Neale, Senior Rights ManagerAustralia, Italy, Spain, Catalan, Portugal and Brazil


Caroline_ClarkeCaroline Clarke, Rights Executive

All sub-agented territories, Audio, India, Greece, Poland and Israel


14563576_10210699580345929_1362587246722011303_nPauline Cuchet,
Rights Assistant

Large Print, permissions and general enquiries



Dirt Road by James Kelman publishes to fantastic reviews!


‘Another masterpiece from one of our best writers’  Guardian


‘Kelman gives us visceral vernacular, Joycean stream of consciousness, wry humour, old resentments and painful memories, all in counterpoint to the music on and off stage. And there’s love. A celebration of what it is to be human.’ Spectator

‘Beautiful and musical . . . Kelman is a master of creating authentic and complex inner voices for his characters.’ National

‘The intensity of this novel, as with all of Kelman’s, draws you like a magnet . . . Every line matters . . . The restraint Kelman shows pays off, his glimpses of grief like a dagger’s stab, a single sentence pinning heart-break the way an overblown paragraph could never do . . . Feeling is what this book is all about, at times almost unbearably so. How James Kelman manages that remains a mystery, like all remarkable works of art.’ Herald Scotland

Rights have sold in France (Metailié) and the US (Catapult).



Undying: A Love Story by Michel Faber


Watch Michel Faber introduce Undying: A Love Story as well as read some of his poems over on the book’s youtube channel.


“a wonderfully executed book of secular psalms” - The National review

“a brilliant and beautiful book” - Sunday Herald review

“tender, caring, sometimes angry and bitter, sometimes relieved by moments of the black humour that may enable you to accommodate grief and pain” - Scotsman review 

“a thing of tender, painful beauty” Stylist review

Rights have so far sold to: Czech Republic (Argo Spol), Italy (La nave di Teseo editore), Netherlands (Podium).




The Outrun wins the Wainwright Prize


Outrun c Marte Lundby Rekaa Amy Liptrot. Photo credit: Marte Lundby Rekaa

Amy Liptrot’s The Outrun has won the 2016 Wainwright Prize for the best UK nature and travel writing.

The winner was announced at a special event at BBC Countryfile Live on Friday. The Outrun was chosen following a unanimous vote from the judges, who praised it as “brave and searingly honest”.

Chair of judges Dame Fiona Reynolds said: “We felt bowled over by the quality of the entries this year and this year’s shortlist is the best yet. We struggled with the task of judging it and although our winner was our unanimous choice we were torn by the process and commend all the shortlisted authors for their contribution.”

She went on to say: “Profoundly contrasting London’s underbelly and Orkney’s wild, windy and remote harshness, Amy discovers herself and her route to freedom through nature, including through its harshness, grit and honesty. She writes bravely, unsettlingly and with a self-revelatory exposure that can shock; but she also writes beautifully. Amy’s is an unforgettable voice: she did not seek nature but nature sought her, and her spare, lyrical prose is both powerful and tender.”

Dame Fiona Reynolds also wrote an article in the Guardian on why The Outrun deserved to win. She writes: “Books such as The Outrun reflect a vital need we all have to observe, connect with and respect nature. This is not a balm, or a superficial response to the uncertainty in the world around us, but the ultimate source of our ability to heal ourselves and reconnect with our future.”

Rights have so far sold to: China (Beijing Land of Wisdom Books), Finland (Basam Books), Germany (btb), Italy (Ugo Guanda Editore), Netherlands (Ambo/Anthos), Sweden (Bonniers), US (Norton) and Large Print (FA Thorpe). Rights are free in all other territories.



Foreign editions

The foreign editions of Jo Marchant’s Cure and Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive keep rolling in.


Cure has so far sold in Australia (Text), Brazil (Record), Bulgaria (Bard), Czech ReCure croppedpublic (Euromedia), Denmark (Gyldendal), Finland (Atena), France (Flammarion), Germany (Rowohlt), Hungary (Libri), Israel (Kinneret-Zmora), Italy (Mondadori), Japan (Kodansha), Korea (RH Korea), Lithuania (Vaga), Netherlands (Atlas-Contact), Poland (Galaktyka), Portugal (Lua de Papel), Russia (Azbooka-Atticus), Slovakia (Ikar), Spain (Aguilar), Sweden (Leopard), Taiwan (Emily Publishing), Turkey (Domingo).


Reasons to Stay Alive has sold in  Argentina (Planeta), Brazil (Intrinseca), Canada Reasons cropped(HarperCollins), China (Ginkgo), Croatia (Mozaik), Czech Republic (Dobrovsky), Estonia (Varrak), Finland (Viisas Elämä Oy), France (Editions Philippe Rey), Germany (DTV), Greece (Patakis), Hungary (Libri), Israel Matar), Italy (Ponte alle Grazie), Korea (KPI), Lithuania (Sofoklis), Netherlands (Lebowski), Norway (Libretto), Poland (Sonia Draga), Portugal (Porto), Russia (Eksmo), Slovakia (Premedia), Spain Catalan (Empúries), Sweden (Massolit), Taiwan (CommonWealth Magazine), Turkey (Kolektif), US (Penguin).