Dragon's Green: Worldquake Book One

Dragon's Green: Worldquake Book One Ebook

AUTHOR: Scarlett Thomas
PUBLISHED: 6th April 2017
ISBN: 9781782117032

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'The most exciting debut in children's fiction since HARRY POTTER. Immersive, engaging, original; delightful in its details (a bun shop that serves as a portal to Otherworld; a library of Last Editions; a Princess School in which girls are trained to be appealing to dragons); playful, warm and yet thrilling, too', JOANNE HARRIS
'An entrancing novel that stands on its prose . . . set in a dystopian future after a massive quake has annihilated modern technology . . . She is far too inventive a writer ever to let us feel we've been here before', Daily Telegraph
'Lively, inventive, phrase-making fantasy . . . revels in evocative spells, names and descriptions of quaint shops, fabulous food and delicious interiors . . . has something of J.K. Rowling's capacity to delight', Sunday Times
'Superb fantasy . . . Plenty of nostalgic appeal *****', Sunday Telegraph
'An enthralling tale, set in a sprawling world that swallowed me whole', Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of THE GIRL OF INK & STARS

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