Downloading Ebooks

All of our ebooks are DRM-protected and need to be opened and authorised through Adobe Digital Editions first, before transferring to any other device. You can download Adobe Digital Editions here.

1) To a PC or Mac Computer
Simply download the file to your Adobe Digital Editions programme and start reading.

2) To a Kindle
It is currently not possible to download e-books to your Kindle from Canongate.TV, but we are currently working on developing our eBooks into a Kindle-friendly format, so watch this space.

3) To an iPad, iPhone or iTouch
Download your ebook through Adobe Digital Editions first, and then use the free Bluefire Reader or BAM app to read it.  

4) To a Kobo, a Nook, a Sony Reader or a Literati
Download your ebook through Adobe Digital Editions, and then transfer the files to any of these devices. For more devices and full instructions, click here.

5) To a Google Android Phone or Tablet
Download your ebook through Adobe Digital Editions and then open in your Android device using the free Aldiko Book Reader app.


1) What does DRM mean?
It means Digital Rights Management and protects books from being copied across multiple devices and pirated.

2) Do I have to live in the UK to buy an ebook?
Yes, at present Canongate.TV is a UK site and we only accept payments from UK registered credit cards, and can only support deliveries to UK addresses.

3) With which devices are Adobe Digital Editions compatible?
Adobe Digital Editions are compatible with all devices except the Kindle, but you will need extra apps (see above) to transfer the files to your iPad, iPhone and iTouch and Google Android. See the full list of compatible devices here.

4) Can I buy multiple copies of an ebook at once?
No, you won’t ever need to, unless you are buying as a gift for someone else, and this functionality is not yet developed.

5) Do I have to pay for delivery charges and VAT on eBooks?
You don’t have to pay for delivery charges, and VAT is included in the price.

6) How long does it take to download an ebook?
Depending on the speed of your connection, the whole process should take only up to a few minutes, unless the file is large, e.g. in the case of an illustrated or enhanced ebook, when it may take a little longer. Downloading the ebook should automatically launch Adobe Digital Editions and the title will appear in your library.
Please note – you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions before you download your ebook – you will receive a prompt upon downloading your book if you have not already done this. Then you can activate your reading device, if you have one, with the same identity as your copy of Adobe Digital Editions, to move your title from your computer to your reading device.

7) Can I return my ebook?
No, Canongate will not accept returns on any ebook bought.

8) Can I print off my ebook?
No, part of the DRM protection is that it prevents printing.

9) What happens if I accidentally close the page when I am buying or downloading my ebook?
Simply log back in to the Canongate website and check the status of your order.   If the download wasn't completed, simply click the link in the e-book email to download the e-book again.

10) Do Canongate accept submissions for electronic publishing?
For the Canongate submissions process please click here. We accept unsolicited manuscripts and will consider propositions for digital publication only as well as print.

11) Can I buy an ebook as a gift for someone?
No, not currently, but we will let you know if this changes.

Help Centre

If you have any problems downloading or opening your reader software please contact Adobe at

If you have a problem downloading your ebook, please visit the help section at

If you have any other issues or concerns please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.