Exclusive Extract from Gil Scott-Heron's The Last Holiday

To mark the anniversary of John Lennon's murder (December 8, 1980), here is an exclusive extract from Gil Scott-Heron's forthcoming memoir, The Last Holiday, in which Gil recounts the night that he and Stevie Wonder were playing the Oakland Coliseum as part of the Hotter than July Tour.

The purpose of the tour was to try and force legislation to make Martin Luther's King's birthday a national holiday.  Dr King, another great man who worked for peace, was shot and killed on a motel balcony in Memphis on April 4, 1968.  That assassination is one of the starting points for The Last Holiday.  But little did Gil and Stevie know when they arrived in Oakland on this fateful night that another tragic murder was to take place.

 As well as the text of the Lennon chapter (which was originally titled Deadline), we have also included an audio reading of the chapter that Gil recorded with his long time producer, Malcolm Cecil.  Interestingly this recording dates back to the early 90s when The Last Holiday was a third person narrative in which he refers to himself as The Artist throughout.  Gil decided in the end that the book worked best in the first person which is why the two are different and he did not have time to record this section again.

We feel it is a powerful and moving piece and hope you agree.

And look out for The Last Holiday which we are launching next January (on Martin Luther King Day)

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