Guantánamo Diary

Guantánamo Diary Trade Paperback

AUTHOR: Mohamedou Ould Slahi
PUBLISHED: 21st May 2015
ISBN: 9781782112853

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'A kind of dark masterpiece' THE NEW YORK TIMES

'There has never been a book quite like this' NEW STATESMAN

In 2002, Mohamedou Ould Slahi was imprisoned at the detainee camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. In 2016, having never been charged with any crime, he has finally been approved for release.

In those fourteen years in captivity he suffered unspeakable abuse - sexual assault, threats to his family and months of sensory deprivation, his captors torturing him with the personal approval of the US Secretary of Defense - and he produced this remarkable document, the only first-hand account of a Guantanamo Detainee.

His diary is not merely a vivid record of a miscarriage of justice, but a deeply personal memoir - terrifying, darkly humorous, and surprisingly gracious. It is an extraordinary and moving story of human perseverance stretched to its limits, but never broken.
'A vision of hell, beyond Orwell, beyond Kafka', JOHN LE CARRÉ
'The work is a kind of dark masterpiece, a sometimes unbearable epic of pain, anguish and bitter humour that the Dostoyevsky of <i>The House of the Dead</i> would have recognized and embraced', New York Times
'A sobering, often chilling, read. Slahi's story deserves to be widely read', Independent
'Un-nerving yet ultimately magnificent . . . there is something special about <i>Guantánamo Diary</i> that lifts it from human-rights polemic to the realm of literary magic', Sunday Times
'A harrowing account of [Mohamedou Ould Slahi's] detention, interrogation, and abuse . . . One of the most stubborn, deliberate and cruel Guantánamo interrogations on record', Slate

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