In Real Life

In Real Life Trade Paperback

AUTHOR: Chris Killen
PUBLISHED: 15th January 2015
ISBN: 9781847672629

Regular Price: £12.99

Special Price: £10.39


For a while, Ian, Lauren and Paul shared the same friends, the same university, the same dreams and the same potential. Ten years on they are worlds apart. Call centres, charity shops and bedrooms that smell like cabbage were never part of the plan. The real world doesn't look quite like any of them imagined. But when Lauren, in a moment of nostalgia, cracks open a long-forgotten Hotmail account, she comes face to face with the people these three friends used to be . . .

For two of them it will mean a new beginning to an old love story.

Hilarious and heart-breaking, In Real Life paints a searingly honest portrait of a generation and captures a world where human connection is easier than ever before but where relationships remain just as tricky.
'<b>Very funny and wonderfully charming</b>. Chris Killen writes with an understated beauty about things like Tesco Meal Deals and the internet and hospitals and Babybels and the distance between people. <i>In Real Life</i> is a book about love and failed dreams that is <b>full of truth and tenderness</b>
<i></i>', MATT HAIG, author of The Humans
'Perfectly captur[es] the <b>simultaneous sweetness and acute embarrassment</b> of those old versions of ourselves that linger at the base of our inboxes', Rosa Rankingee, Guardian
'B<b>rilliantly insightful, funny, sad, brave and true </b>- this book will make you laugh even in the face of your own (offline) mortality. Better yet, it will make you want to leave Facebook. Again', EMMA JANE UNSWORTH, author of Animals
'<b>Horribly funny</b> . . . This curate's egg of a novel has some <b>brilliantly bleak</b> touches', Daily Mail
'<i>In Real Life</i> is <b>brilliantly observed, deftly written, wonderful, sad, funny</b> and <b>totally real</b>', JOSIE LONG

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