Insanely Gifted

Insanely Gifted Paperback

AUTHOR: Jamie Catto
PUBLISHED: 5th January 2017
ISBN: 9781782119081

It's time to unleash your genius

From infancy we are taught to edit ourselves, trimming out the darker, weirder, less acceptable parts in order to please others. But this addiction to approval is holding us back.

What if we dare to be our real selves, honestly and fully?

Insanely Gifted is full of techniques and games to transform our thinking and turn our inner demons into allies. Jamie Catto, creative force behind Faithless and 1 Giant Leap, and leader of personal development workshops for more than a decade, teaches us to better know our deepest instincts - and unlock our true power.
'Crucially, tangibly, useful', Sunday Times
'Jamie Catto is one of my favourite people on Earth', Michael Stipe
'A friendly warning: prolonged exposure to Catto could blow your mind', Telegraph
'Jamie Catto is a positive force in the world', Noam Chomsky
'Jamie Catto is a human icebreaker with a prow of determination and a motor of love, slicing through the frozen seas around us', Tom Robbins

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