Laidlaw (Laidlaw 1)

Laidlaw (Laidlaw 1)

AUTHOR: William McIlvanney
PUBLISHED: 2nd May 2013
ISBN: 9780857869869

Regular Price: £8.99

Special Price: £4.50

Meet Jack Laidlaw, the original damaged detective. When a young woman is found brutally murdered on Glasgow Green, only Laidlaw stands a chance of finding her murderer from among the hard men, gangland villains and self-made moneymen who lurk in the city's shadows.

'Glittering', VAL McDERMID
'The Laidlaw books are like fine malt whisky - the pure distilled essence of Scottish crime writing', PETER MAY
'Fastest, first and best, Laidlaw is the melancholy heir to Marlowe. Reads like a breathless scalpel cut through the bloody heart of a city', DENISE MINA
'A crime trilogy so searing it will burn forever into your memory. McIlvanney is the original Scottish criminal mastermind', CHRISTOPHER BROOKMYRE
'It's doubtful I would be a crime writer without the influence of McIlvanney's Laidlaw. Here was a literary novelist turning his hand to the urban, contemporary crime novel and proving that the form could tackle big moral concerns and social issues', IAN RANKIN

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