Canongate acquires Overton's Gun, Baby, Gun

Katy Follain, Publishing Director for Non-Fiction, has acquired world rights in Iain Overton’s GUN, BABY, GUN: A Bloody Journey into the World of the Gun. The deal was done within hours of the submission by Antony Topping at Greene & Heaton Ltd, with Norwegian rights already pre-empted over the weekend by Halfdan Friehow at Font. Canongate plan to publish in Spring 2015, and will be selling rights at Frankfurt Book Fair.

One of the most contentious and controversial issues in the world today, the gun debate feels more pertinent than ever.  Gun, Baby, Gun, by investigative journalist Iain Overton, is a gripping study of our relationship with guns and their place in our world, and also an exploration of some of the tragic consequences of what is a growing addiction. As he follows the life-cycle of the gun, he exposes those who make the guns sell them, live with them and die by them.  Along the way meets murderers, marksmen cops, gang members, smugglers, soldiers and legally blind gun owners.  He also encounters the wounded and the relatives of the victims. From gun club to hospital emergency units, via graveyards and war zones, he traces the gun’s bloody journey.

Overton has been shot at and threatened with guns many times, all around the world. As Director of Investigations at the charity Action on Armed Violence, he has unprecedented access to the shocking realities of war and conflict. Often putting himself at the heart of the action, he asks the question: which is to blame - the gun or the human? It takes him on a journey where both his argument and his philosophy are challenged and changed by what he discovers during the writing, research and investigation process.

Overton says:

"This is not a book about ‘how was the gun invented’.  This is not a manual about what gun is better at taking a life than another.  This is a book about how we have created a world where the gun is so ubiquitous, how the gun defines so many lives."

Follain adds:

“Fast-paced and hard-hitting, this is a book that tackles head-on a highly sensitive subject that elicits fascination and evokes deep emotion in us all. Iain Overton is the intrepid investigator at the centre of it all – having had many close encounters with firearms in his life and won several awards for his ground-breaking investigative journalism, he is the man for the job. The result is a page-turner of a book with massive global potential. We are absolutely thrilled to be publishing this on the Canongate list.”


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