Owen Noone And The Marauder

Owen Noone And The Marauder Paperback

AUTHOR: Douglas Cowie
PUBLISHED: 29th June 2006
ISBN: 9781841956930

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Becoming famous is one thing.
Being famous is another.

When Owen Noone turns up at an open-mic event in a Peoria, Illinois bar, he not only brings the house down, he also changes the life of one shy, introspective student. Together they become a rock'n'roll band, Owen Noone and the Marauder, that rises to fame on the back of an improbable hit single: a folk-meets-punk rendition of 'Yankee Doodle'.

Signed up to a major record label, criss-crossing America on a national tour, the pair's dreams seem to be coming true; however, being a rock star turns out to be harder than they imagined, and as disasters strike and their private lives become public property, their legendary friendship and success unravel dramatically.
'A sparky debut novel. . . The youthful Douglas Cowie sings his riff with enormous assurance and offbeat charm.', The Times
'Cowie. . . brings a disarming voice and a freshness to proceedings that might just make you brush the dust off your guitar and try out a few chords.', Guardian
'A page-turning novel.', TLS Review
'An uncanny ability to evoke time and place. . . an intriguing novel.', Scotland on Sunday

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