Ragnarok Hardback

AUTHOR: A.S. Byatt
PUBLISHED: 1st September 2011
ISBN: 9781847670649

Regular Price: £14.99

Special Price: £11.99

Ragnarok is the story of the end of the world. It is a tale of the destruction of life on this planet and the end of the gods themselves: what more relevant myth could any modern writer choose?

As the bombs rain down in the Second World War, one young girl is evacuated to the English countryside. She is struggling to make sense of her new wartime life. Then she is given a copy of Asgard and the Gods - a book of ancient Norse myths - and her inner and outer worlds are transformed.

War, natural disaster, reckless gods and the destruction of life on this planet are just some of the threads that A.S. Byatt weaves into this most timely of books. Just as Wagner borrowed from this dramatic Norse saga for the climax of the Ring Cycle, so A.S. Byatt reinvents it for our time in all its intensity and glory. Linguistically stunning and imaginatively abundant, this is a landmark piece of storytelling from one of the world's truly great writers.
'Byatt's prose is majestic, the lush descriptive passages - jewelled one minute, gory the next - a pleasure to get lost in', Sunday Telegraph
'Byatt paints beautiful and fantastic word-pictures, glittering verbal special effects', Allan Massie, Scotsman
'Colour and sensation flood Byatt's writing . . . One of the most brilliant minds and speakers of our generation.', Independent
'Byatt's prose, compact and lyrical, treats [the gods] with dignity...<I>Ragnarok </I>is a clever, lucid, lovely book', M. John Harrison, Guardian
'Thanks to a rare fusion of imagination and intellect, sensual poetry and cerebral prose, youthful joy and elderly wisdom [,Byatt has made]...an entire world, compressed but energetically alive in all its details. When we have artists like this, who needs gods?', Peter Conrad, Observer

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