Charlotte Hardback

AUTHOR: David Foenkinos
PUBLISHED: 2nd February 2017
ISBN: 9781782117940

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Charlotte Salomon is born into a family stricken by suicide and a country at war - but there is something exceptional about her. She has a gift, a talent for painting. And she has a great love, for a brilliant, eccentric musician.

But just as she is coming in to her own as an artist, death is coming to control her country. The Nazis have come to power and, a Jew in Berlin, her life is narrowing - she is kept from her art, torn from her love and her family, chased from her country. And still she is not safe, not from the madness that has hunted her family, or the one gripping Europe . . .

Charlotte is a heart-breaking true story - inspiring, unflinching, awful, hopeful - of a life filled with curiosity, animated by genius and cut short by hatred. A beautifully, lucidly told memorial, it has become an international sensation.
'I am deeply, deeply affected by this sad, beautiful, indignant, wrenching, important book . . . It is an artistic privilege and (I think) almost a moral duty that you all read this', Sarah Perry, author of THE ESSEX SERPENT
'Foenkinos's prose, exactingly translated by Sam Taylor, has, like the lives it describes, been reduced to its essentials. Each sentence begins on a new line and arrives at its point in the fewest possible moves . . . From its striking first sentence there is no turning away from the abysmal sadness and injustice of the artist's story . . . A far superior tribute to any commemorative plaque', Sara Baume, Irish Times
'The reader follows, lump in the throat, fascinated by this tragic fate, which is told with the utmost precision', Livres Hebdo
'Astounding . . . Foenkinos makes us a part of this hopefully growing community: that of the admirers of a young artist named Charlotte Salomon, assassinated when she was 26 years old', L'Express
'A sensitive and deeply moving novel', Paris Match

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