The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

AUTHOR: Philip Pullman
PUBLISHED: 7th October 2010
ISBN: 9780857860620

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Special Price: £11.24

I think of him all the time, and he thinks of me not at all . . .

This is the story of two brothers - one impassioned and one reserved. One is destined to go down in history and the other to be forgotten.

In Philip Pullman's hands, this tale is reborn as one of the most enchanting, heart-breaking and thought-provoking stories of recent years, and questions what we believe and how we have come to believe it.
This hardback edition is signed by the author
'A true, charismatic Christianity is set against a highly institutionalised church...the charm of this book lies in its seriousness about the story it tells, and about its being a story.', Frank Kermode, London Review of Books
'Clever and thought-provoking.', Sue Arnold, The Guardian
'Magnificent . . . Five hundred years ago Pullman would have been burnt at the stake as a heratic. Now his ideas merely set the debate alight.', Nigel Nelson, Church of England Newspaper
'A very bold and deliberately outrageous fable rehearsing Pullman's familiar and passionate fury at corrupt religious systems of control . . . But also introducing something quite different, a voice of genuine spiritual authority. Because that is what Pullman's Jesus undoubtedly is.', Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, The Guardian
'Pullman has a gift for creating scenes that make the reader want to put down the book and say "wow" . . . this is a book that remains in the mind days after the final page has been turned . . . The greatest story ever told has come alive anew.', Adi Bloom, The Times Educational Supplement

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