The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones

The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones Ebook

AUTHOR: Stanley Booth
PUBLISHED: 5th April 2012
ISBN: 9780857863522

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'Stanley Booth's book is the only one I can read and say, 'Yeah, that's how it was'.', Keith Richards, Keith Richards
'The one authentic masterpiece of rock 'n' roll writing.', Peter Guralnick
'If you've never bought a book about rock and roll, no matter - this is the one you've been waiting for.', Playboy
'The best book so far about the Sixties.', Harold Brodkey
'By far the best book on its subject (including Richards's own well received effort), Booth's book is also easily the most convincing account of life inside the monster created by the rock revolution of the 1960s.', Richard Williams, Guardian

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